My Projects

This is a list of the projects I'm working on, and their current status.

Arcade - My newest project. I'll try and build a fully working arcade machine, that can play games from more than a hundred different systems.

phpStrips (fully working) - A PHP script that downloads and stores locally daily comic strips. Inspired by DailyStrips. Uses XML as a definitions file, and can store strip files locally and upload through (s)ftp. It now has all the basic functionality needed to work, and I will consider releasing it to the Public Domain if the demand is high enough. For the source code, please contact me.

Organizer (formerly known as phpScraper) (abandoned) - A personal web to help automatically organize your media collection. Currently work in progress, a seperate project page will be made available when it reaches alpha. (fully working) - A website/forum/social site that's been around since 1997. It got a working chat, webcomics and a Facebook-ish interface with a social wall where users can posts images or write articles. v2 (abandoned) - A new CMS for my site, completely written from scratch. It's based on PHP and Zend Framework. I'm writing this to learn new PHP skills, and in particular the workings of API's towards other content providers. Whenever it's somewhat stable I'll release it, but I haven't decided on the licence yet. Quite probably as PD, same as PhpStrips.

OmniSystem (abandoned) - A PHP-based personal organizer. I've suspended work on this, mainly because Google offers most of the functionality already.