Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Black & white does not equal greyscale!

So I'm working with document design. It's a job full of excitement and adventure and really wild stuff, but only in my imagination.

Today I'm preparing a new document for printing at our print provider. They have huge printers that cough out about a thousand pages per minute in black and white, while providing quantity over quality. So it's hugely important that we provide a very specific format to the printers.

The fun starts when we're sending documents that also contain graphic elements. We have a graphical department that are in charge of anything related to... well, graphics. It's their job to provide us with the images we need for the documents.

And still stuff like this happens almost daily:

(GD for graphics dude)

Me: I need this image in black and white, not colors.
GD: Here you go.
Me: No, that's greyscale, I need it in black and white, you know, like I asked for the first time.
GD: Here you go.
Me: For fucks sake, do you even speak graphic? BLACK AND WHITE! MONOCHROME! 1-BIT COLOR DEPTH! NO GREYSCALE!
GD: This is black and white!
Me: Zoom in... all the way in... what do you call those pixels that are smoothing the curves?
GD: Well you need greyscale for that.
Me: Hnnnngh!!!!
Me: BLACK AND W... you know, never mind, you don't know your job, i'll fix this.

Good thing I have a near endless supply of alcohol at home.