Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My current project

I've been working a bit lately on another project of mine. I used to call it phpScraper, but now I've renamed it to Organizer. Basically it's a personal web-based system for organizing your media collection. For now it should organize your movies and TV shows, and as an added bonus it also incorporates my phpStrips script so it'll download your favorite webcomics on a daily basis.

There are already quite a few scrapers for movies and tv shows out there, but none of them really did all the things I wanted, so that's why I've started my own. The prototypes I made were quite good, so now it's time to make it more functional and maybe even release it to the internet at large.

So what are the (planned) features?

  • Searches through your movie and tv shows collection and creates a local library with information about the movies downloaded from different sources (IMDb, TMDb and such).
  • Creates nfo files for importing into XBMC and/or Boxee.
  • Easily organize people involved (actors, actresses, directors, crew etc.).
  • A clean interface to browse through your library.
  • Remote control of XBMC / Boxee, start playing media on your Home Theater System directly from the system.
...and the requirements?
  • A Linux webserver running PHP 5.3 with support for SQLite. (When it's stable I'll make a version for Windows as well.)
  • Read and write access to your media folders.
That's it, basically. I'll create a more official project page once I have something a bit more substantial. Feel free to leave a comment here with any questions or suggestions.