Saturday, August 13, 2011

I see dead code

It seems to me that I've been starting a lot of projects in PHP lately that sort of just dies after a while... My projects folder contains just about twenty different projects, and all but a couple of them are inactive. Below is a short list over ambitious projects that mostly died right after start:

OmniSystem - a website to organize all your personal info, like contacts, emails, pictures and documents. I completely lost interest in this when Google started to get the same functionality.

OmniCMS - another website (I sure like the word "Omni") that were supposed to power It was basically made to replace vBulletin, but then I decided to use WordPress instead. My first project that used Zend Framework.

Organizer - the first attempt at making a personal organizer. Swiftly replaced by OmniSystem mentioned above.

PhpUno - a multiplayer online Uno game. I actually made some progress on this one, but I lost the code in a hard drive crash. On the plus side I now have a new NAS running RAID5 and scheduled offsite backups, so at least some good came of it.

So, have I ever finished any projects at all? Well... at least there's this one:

phpStrips - Downloads comic strips on a daily basis and presents them on a simple to read page. Still room for improvments, but it does the job quite good. Source code available upon request.

Also, I'm currently working on a new project. Statistically it's doomed to fail, but let's keep our fingers crossed:

phpScraper - a collection of scripts to automatically help you organize your media collection. The code is just about two days old as of writing this, but at least the basic framework is working. Updates will come when (or if?) progress is made.